Wednesday, April 9, 2008

If you were a fly on the wall...

this is what you'd see....
-Dh was paged out to a fire around 8:30 PM. We were just getting to my mom's house for a little cake and ice cream after church was over when the pager went off. So,I had to run him home to get his truck with his turnouts in the back, then I went back to my mom's while he went to save the day.
-After cake and ice cream at my mom's, I brought the kids home to get ready for bed. Dh was still gone, so BigBub kicked into man-of-the-house-mode and announced, "I'm going to do whatever you need me to do, Mom." So he helped me put away the 6 loads of laundry that had been folded and left on my bed. Then he helped me put clean sheets on my bed, since I had stripped the old ones off this morning and hadn't replaced them yet. (Do you know how big a chore it is to change bedsheets?!)
-The two younger ones got themselves ready for bed, but just as I started to tuck LilBub in, he decided he needed to go potty. And it wasn't going to be a quick job, either. So off he went, and I busied myself with other chores until he finally sang out, "I'm doooonnnne!" After I, um...did what had to be done after such an event, I told him to scrub his hands. I knew he was doing a good job when I heard him singing, "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of his lungs with the water running. (See, I always tell him to wash his hands long enough to sing through "Jesus Loves Me" two whole times.) This made me grin. :)
-After tucking LilBub and Sis into their beds, I went to the kitchen to take some Nyquil, cuz I still have a cold. Then I settled into my comfy, worn recliner with my laptop. BigBub joined me, even though it was after 10 o'clock. He said he didn't want me to be lonely, since dh wasn't home. I told him that that was very sweet of him, but I thought that I would be okay. He went ahead to the bed.
-And here I am, still sitting here with my laptop...watching Jeopardy reruns... waiting for my firefighter to come home safe and sound. And we've got some nasty thunderstorms rolling in, too. Sounds like we might be in for a long night.
-And the Nyquil is starting to kick in......


chickadee said...

we're watching the weather today too. isn't it nice when they are finally big enough to really help? love it!

PufferfishMommy said...

Yes, it is! :) I love it, too!