Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Help Me Plan Our Vacation!

This week's edition of Works For Me Wednesday is a Backwards Edition. So instead of sharing my knowledge with all of you this week, I get to ask for tips from y'all! Now before it turns into a free-for-all of giving me tips on all the stuff y'all think I need to know... (which is plenty, I'm sure!) I do have a specific question that needs to be addressed. And, if there's something extra that you just feel like you need to share with me, please feel free to do so. I need all the help I can get, people!
Next year (2009) my hubby and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. In our 14 (so far) years of marriage, one thing that we've learned is that we need to PLAN AHEAD, which is why we're planning NOW for our 15th anniversary that is over a year away. We didn't really go anywhere great for our honeymoon, so we are wanting to do a "2nd honeymoon" type of thing. In other words, we want to go somewhere WITHOUT THE KIDS. Some place, well, romantic. But, we don't want to have to take out a second mortgage to be able to do this, either.
We've been looking online for the perfect resort, cruise, cabin, etc., but haven't found anything that really said, "This is IT!" KWIM? So I was hoping maybe some of you could point me in the right direction. Have you been somewhere that was absolutely incredible, and you recommend it to everyone you know? Or, do you know of a great travel-planning resource that could help us find the right spot? I'd love to hear your tips and ideas!
And would you believe there are, like, 300 other people over at Shannon's Blog who are asking for various tips and advice today? Yikes! We are very inquisitive people!


Plastic Daffodils said...

I suggest going to You can search for full vacation packages, cruises, airfare, etc. You can also search by where you want to go or what kind of vacation you're looking for, and they'll list all the best deals.

Niki said...

My DH and I went to Niagara Falls last year and I can't say enough nice things about it! Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it!

Laurel said...

I hear Goobertown is nice to visit in the spring... :p

Jessica B. said...

I wouldn't suggest a cruise unless you know you love cruises- what a bummer to get out there and find out you get seasick on big boats or that the people in the next cabin practice voodoo rituals all night long.

Romantic to me is a private beach house- romantic to some people is NYC. So I will pretend you are like me and tell you about those beach houses.

There are some beautiful beaches in Florida that are not as populated as you might think.

Try, I recommend St. George Island.
Anywhere on the Gulf coast that is not one of the big places is generally more affordable and less populated. In the summer you can rent a house for a week (for 2) for around a thousand bucks or a little less. It goes down quite a bit in the off season.

South Carolina has some beautiful places as well, I just don't know as much about them.