Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick and Tired

My family has been terribly ill for the past week and a half. I've been playing doctor, nurse, and cleaning lady... as well as "patient". It's been pretty confusing keeping up with medications for 5 different people, but so far I haven't killed anyone. And now, thank heavens, we're finally getting over it. Well, almost. My dh is still in the thick of it. I'm praying he'll be feeling better soon. I don't know how much more of this "poor little bunny" business I can handle! Of course I am kidding. My dh is very sweet and very helpful. He has been so attentive to our needs. He even took the day off from work the other day to stay home and take care of us sickies. And, he brought home a HUGE bag of Sonic ice, which felt so good on my super-sore throat.
We're all so sick and tired of being, well... sick and tired. It's been 10 days now, and except for the time we spent in the doctor's office, the kids and I have hardly been out of the house. I wish I could say that we did a lot of catching up on schoolwork during this time. But, cold medicine tends to have a negative effect on those necessary thinking skills associated with doing math and grammar and stuff like that. Plus, as the teacher, I pretty much need to be able to talk above a whisper, and do so continuously without erupting into a coughing fit. So yeah, we didn't get any schoolwork done.
As a matter of fact, we've gone through our entire repertoire of movies at least 3 times in the past week. And I don't even want to think about the number of times I've woken up to the sound of "High School Musical" coming from the living room, where the kids were up before I was and were trying to keep quiet (bless their little hearts!). LilBub has also gotten his fill of video games this week, and has even WON a few games. I guess that's what happens when he gets to play them from the time he wakes up until we make him go back to bed. He would probably like for Mommy to get sick more often.
So here I am rambling on and on... because this illness has been a pretty big deal at our house. It's definitely dominated our lives for the past 10 days. I'm really praying that tomorrow will be the start of a better week for all of us, including dear hubby, who will still have to work whether he feels like it or not. And now I'm feeling that last dose of cough medicine kicking in, so I'd better quit typing now before it completely takes over.

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Laurel said...

Hello Beverly! I hope you guys feel better soon! We finally got over all the sickness... for now.