Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Favorites: 2/8-08

I have been having a bit of writer's block lately, if you hadn't noticed. So today I thought I'd just post some of my favorite websites to visit, and slap a happy title on the top. Who knows, it may just become a tradition or something. :)

So here ya go!

Pear Soup - How CUTE is this site? Love it!
LOLCats - Nothing will get you laughing like funny pet photos with hilarious captions.
Also see: I can has cheezburger, as I have already mentioned too many times, for more grins.
And even more cat funnies... Stuff on my cat.
This one has nothing to do with cats, I promise.
It's something called "HEMA", and it's all written in Dutch, so I can't read a word of it, but the animations are awesome... just go look at it and you'll see what I'm talking about....

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