Monday, February 25, 2008

Because she already likes broccoli anyways....

The first time she tried broccoli, she gagged. She really, truly gagged and spit it back out as if it were a bug. But, when we discovered that she had a problem with dairy, she had no choice but to broaden her palate and accept some new tastes and textures. Either that, or go hungry. And eventually, as her tastes matured, she found that broccoli wasn't so bad. She actually liked it. After awhile, she began to even ask for it for dinner.


One day I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. BigBub and LilBub were in the kitchen with me, and we were casually discussing their thoughts about what they'd like to be when they grow up. Somewhere during the conversation, Sista wanders in. She says, "Wanna know what I'm gonna be when I grow up?"


"What's that, sweetie?" I answer.


She replies, "I wanna be a veterinarian."


Now at this point, I'm remembering back to that commercial where the blonde says, "I don't eat meat, cuz I'm a veterinarian!" But I keep my mouth shut - trying to be a good mother and listen to my child's hopes and ambitions for the future with the utmost sincerity. So I say, "Oh, that's a good idea! Why do you think you'd like to be a veterinarian?"


She says, "Well, I really love animals. I love cats, and I love dogs,"


"and besides, I already know that I like broccoli."


Well there ya have it. Look out future - here she comes!


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Rosie said...

A child who likes broccoli? How rare! I wish my child would eat it although I have to admit I'm not too concerned because the smell of it seems to longer round the kitchen for days after I've cooked it!

you can call me tennessee said...

we keep trying to tell the hospital cafeteria staff that they should applaud a child who requests brocolli and cheese. they usually only serve it with baked potatoes and make a big to-do when a child requests it without the potato...
we say, "give me a break!"
and hey... they could be veterinarians someday, too ;)

Bananas said...

that is too cute!!

The Roaming Southerner said...

A true veterernarian: A person who like dogs, cats, and broccoli. Thanks for sharing!