Friday, January 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 - "New Toy, er.. umm... I mean TOOL"

We debated for a long time about whether our family NEEDED a second computer or not. Up until recently, we could not say that we truly NEEDED one. And maybe we still can't say that honestly, but nonetheless, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a laptop. I really think this will simplify things for us in a number of ways.
For one, both of the older children do a lot of their school work on the computer every day. Having one child have to wait on the other to get done with their assignment before he/she can work on his own, well - in short, that spells C-H-A-O-S. Too much of the time, the time slips away from us before all the work gets done, and that just leads to a big mess of unfinished lessons and lazy attitudes towards school. So in that aspect, a 2nd computer is a necessity.
Secondly, dh is really into all this fantasy sports stuff. Oh my. I never knew a pretend game could be so time consuming! Just think -what if he were actually PLAYING the game? I'd never see him! Ay yi yi....
Anyways, between the fantasy football and fantasy NASCAR racing, plus this other game on CD that he really likes, dh occupies the computer quite a bit in the evenings. And I'm not complaining. (not at the moment, anyways... LOL) He needs to be able to unwind after a day at work. But, there are things that I need the computer for in the evenings as well, like getting lesson plans ready for the next day at school.... chatting with my sister on MSN.... playing Scrabble.... blogging.... You know, IMPORTANT STUFF!
Then you throw in the added usefulness of being able to pick up the computer and take it with you, and that just seals the deal. No more worries about missing too much school when we have to be gone for this or that - we can just take "school" with us!
Not to mention we got an AWESOME deal from DELL. I am really loving the new Dell Inspiron 1521. I wasn't sure I would like Windows Vista, but so far it's just fine. It's just a little different than what I'm used to with XP, but I'll adjust.

I suppose it looks like any other laptop on the market... but this one is different. It's special. Know why???
Cuz it's mine! :)

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