Friday, January 4, 2008

Thursday, June 21, 2007 - "I don't wanna grow up..."

All through the school year, I complained about not having time to (fill in the blank). I needed more time to plan for school; more time to clean; more time to do laundry; more time to organize; more time to scrapbook; more time to work on my own projects (drawing, painting, writing, decorating); and the big one – more time to rest! Now that summer is here and all the pressure is off as far as schooling goes, you’d think I’d be spending every waking moment conquering all my lofty goals that I didn’t have time for during the school year. I am not sure what my problem is, but I am not getting ANYTHING done. I’ve been doing a lot of twiddling my thumbs (figuratively) and that’s about it. Granted, we’ve had family here for the past week, and that has occupied quite a bit of time. But that’s no excuse for not accomplishing at least a little something.

One thing I’m really bad about in the summertime is staying up too late at night and then sleeping in in the morning. Why do I do this? I don’t know. It’s like I have to wait until the house is asleep before I have any time to myself. While this may be true, I still need to find a better way to make time for myself instead of staying up ‘til the wee hours of the morning. I end up waking up late and feeling groggy for the next few hours, or worse – the kids wake me up really early and then I’m grumpy because I didn’t get enough rest! It just throws the whole day out of whack! And this only contributes to the whole problem of getting nothing done.

So what’s a mom like me to do? I guess it’s time to be a grown-up and exercise a little self-discipline, even if it is summer vacation. No one’s saying I have to get up at 6AM, but I do need to get up early enough to get a good start on the day before it’s time to make lunch. LOL. And I need to make it a routine to get up at the same time each day as much as possible. This will confuse my body MUCH less, and make it easier to get along with myself. And along with getting up on time, I need to get to bed on time, too. Blah. Now I do sound like a boring grown-up, don’t I? No one ever said that being mature was easy. I guess that’s why I’ve been avoiding it for so long. *wink*

Hopefully by changing those two things, I can pull myself out of this rut that I’m in and begin to make tracks through the rest of the summer. Here are some things I’d like to accomplish by the end of August:


  • Take down wallpaper in hall bath and repaint. (I actually was able to do this a few weeks ago… er, um… I mean, my FIL did it for me.)
  • Repaint hallway.
  • Put fresh paint on all interior/exterior doors.
  • Paint or refinish the back porch.
  • Wash outsides of windows.
  • Clean out homeschool closet and organize.
  • Clean out pantry and organize.


  • Transplant the big yellow bush that’s always in the way.
  • Transplant the big hosta that’s always in the way.
  • Get rid of the weeds in the flower bed and put down the weed-blocking tarp. (shoulda done this months ago when it was still cool.)


  • Decide on and purchase math and language curriculum for next year for older two.
  • Purchase KONOS volume II and get ready for the fall units.
  • Make a list of recommended books and begin looking for them.
  • Make a list of materials that we’ll need.
  • Make a list of ideas for field trips and begin planning.
  • Get my notebook organized with all the plans, lists, and calendar.
  • Come up with a reasonable daily routine.
  • Make a new set of chore cards and come up with new incentives.

So those are a few of my goals. I’m sure I won’t get all of it done, and I know I’ll be adding to it over time. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

I think I need a nap….

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