Thursday, January 17, 2008

Talking to the Under-Roos

My 4 1/2 year old has discovered video games.

It started innocently enough with him watching DH and BigBub play Lego Star Wars. On occasion, the game would be left "on" with no one playing, and LilBub figured out that he could pick up the controller and take over. Thus, his new passion was born. Oh the joy.
Now every waking moment is filled with, "Can I play Lego Star Wars?" I've figured out that the more he plays those games, the grouchier he becomes, so I have set some definite limits on how much he's allowed to play. And he doesn't like those limits, no siree. He lets me know this by telling me things like, "You are so mean." I say, "Yep. I know. It's my job." But, if I don't impose some restrictions now, who will?
And it's not like he's really playing for the purpose of winning the game. He just likes to make the characters run around and chase each other. Especially with Lego Star Wars, he loves to shoot the characters and watch the lego pieces go flying all over the place. You can tell when he does it, too, because you can hear his giddy laughter all through the house. It's great. Unless you're the other character...I suppose.

For Christmas, LilBub got some Star Wars underwear. He was so thrilled, he couldn't wait to put them on! And he's been wearing them ever since. Ha! Just kidding...

The other day, I overheard him putting on his clothes, including a pair of the beloved Star Wars undies with a picture of a space ship on the back.

Evidently he was having a conversation with the characters in the ship... on his underwear. The Star Wars people said (in a funny LilBub voice), "Fire up the engines!" To which LilBub replied, "Frt...frt....frt..." (making 'poot' noises) Then the Star Wars people (on the underwear...) replied, "That was just a little toot! We need more power!" So LilBub really let it rip, "FRT! Frt, Frt, Frt!!!" The Star Wars people were much obliged as they said, "Now THAT'S what I'M talkin' 'bout!" LilBub was so proud.

I'm tellin ya, video games can be a negative influence! *sigh*


you can call me tennessee said...

he would be so embarrassed, if only he knew this was on the internets.


i heart hot pants.

PufferfishMommy said...

Yes, he would be eternally mortified. Or at least for the rest of the afternoon. Nonetheless, let's just keep this between us and the world-wide-web, shall we? ;)

Sprittibee said...

Too funny that you picked the name pufferfish. Remember when you and me used to talk about holding each other accountable for not blowing up? Hahaha. So this is the new blog, eh? Did you just get it? I didn't know you had this one! You sly fox.

PufferfishMommy said...

Bee - Hehe! I sneaked it past you, did I? I had a blog by the same name at homeschoolblogger for awhile, but moved it a week or two ago. :) Good to "see" you here!