Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It was a dark and stormy.... day.

You gotta know that 70 degrees in January cannot be a good thing for long, at least not in Arkansas. And today the storms rolled in, some stirring up tornadoes. Thankfully we didn't have any here... although one might wonder, by looking inside my house!
The skies were dark, the wind was howling, the rain made a steady pitter-patter on the roof. Man, it was hard to stay awake today! We were all up so late last night (if you'll note the time of my previous entry) with the football party, and although we slept in, we were still tired. I fell asleep while reading to my children about the American Revolution. Not that it was boring....
So it's now almost 9PM, and dh is already in the bed. (Poor thing had to work today, which meant not sleeping in or napping for him.) And if I hope to accomplish anything tomorrow, I'd better not be too far behind him! 'Night!

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