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Friday, October 26, 2007 - "Iss Nod-a-tooma"

Remember on the movie Kindergarten Cop? You know, the one where Arnold Schwarzennager is an undercover cop posing as a teacher? That little kid keeps telling him that he (ah-nuld) must have a brain tumor, and Ah-nuld tells him that no, 'iss-nod-a-tooma', (or 'it's not a tumor'). Anyways, that's what keeps playing back in my mind this week as I've been dealing with health issues of my own.

So, I went to see the doctor on Wednesday. Pain in my arm, from the shoulder down to the pinky, was the initial complaint. In the past week, I've been having severe headaches and the pain in my arm has spread to my leg as well - all of this on the right side. I had an MRI of my cervical spine for this very same thing two years ago, but the doctor then (different doctor) never bothered to share the results with me. (He was looking for one specific thing, and when the MRI didn't show what he was looking for, he didn't bother to tell me what it DID show...but that's a different doctor, and a different story... I'll bore you with it another time.)

As I was saying before I interrupted myself... I went to see my family doctor. I told him about the symptoms I'd been experiencing. He said that they "concerned" him. Not what I was hoping for. I mean, not that I want my doctor to laugh at me, but a good-humored "you came to see me just for that?" and then he'd point out something simple, like that my "foundation garments" were just too tight and were cutting off feeling in my arm or something.... I'd be mortifiied, but at least it wouldn't be a big deal. But no, he had to say that my symptoms concerned him. Great. Cause he, like, went to medical school to learn all this stuff about what and what not to be concerned about. Dandy.

We talked about all the possible problems and then he sent me for the usual bloodwork and xrays. The blood tests came back normal (sugar, potassium, sodium, and something else I can't remember..) The xrays were taken of my neck, and they showed some funky stuff going on, which Doctor N. said looked like osteoarthritis. He said that it could be responsible for the problems in my arm as well as my leg, but he wasn't entirely sure if it was what was causing the headaches and some other "neurological" symptoms. So he wants me to have my brain checked out again. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday morning, but I doubt they'll find anything. (--insert joke here.) They never find anything substantial, so I just keep on keeping on, until I have another flare up of some sort and the fun will start all over again. Can you tell that I'm not feeling so optimistic?

One thing that Dr. N said that I found interesting is that it could be sinus-related. That's something I never would have suspected. He told me to take Mucinex twice a day and see if that helped with the headaches. However, I have taken it at night the past two nights and it completely wipes me out, so there's no way I'm taking it during the day! But, my headaches have calmed down so maybe the Mucinex is helping?

I guess that's it for the update. I'll update again when I get the results from the MRI, or should I say IF I get the results?

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