Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BigBub No Feel Good

BigBub is sick. LilBub and Sis are worried, and feeling sorry for their BigBub. Yesterday, BigBub was so sick, he didn't feel like doing anything at all. He didn't even want to play his NintendoDS. He mostly laid there and moaned all day. Last night, Sis came to tell me that she did not like BigBub being sick. She said that usually she and he play together and that she didn't realize how nice that was, until he got sick. Then when she wanted to play with him, he didn't feel like it, and she was very sad. You just have to know my children to realize how humorous that was for me to hear. *smirk*
So I took BigBub to the doctor, where he had his first experience of having blood drawn. (He took it like a champ, of course.) He also had to give a urine sample, which he thought was quite comical. And he had an xray done on his midsection. Xray was fine. The sample was fine. Blood test came back funky. Dr. N. said, "Let's send this to the pathology lab at the hospital to have it examined there." Somehow the sample didn't make it over there until today, though, and it needed to be fresh. So, BigBub got to go in for another blood draw. (Wonder how much that's gonna cost...) We're really hoping and praying that the funky results from yesterday are a whole lotta nothing.
Anyhow, what I was going to say before I jumped off on that rabbit trail... this morning, BigBub woke up to a surprise. He had slept on the couch in the living room. While he was still asleep, Sis set up the area around the couch with everything he could possibly need or want. She had his Nintendo DS, a book to read, his favorite house plans magazine, paper and pen, teddy bear.... She even set up two halves of a shoe box for an "inbox" and "outbox" for mail. Then she made him some get-well mail and put it in his inbox.
When he woke up, he evidently felt well enough to indulge little Sis by playing along with her game of nursing him back to health. And for the next hour, she went about fluffing his pillows and repeatedly asking if he needed anything. She took his breakfast order- two toads-in-the-hole) and helped to prepare it. Then she delivered it to him on a tray. I should have been videotaping so I would have some proof! Cause you know when he gets well it will be 'back to the old grind' again, where they're mercilessly teasing and taunting and pestering.

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