Friday, January 25, 2008

A Bear and His Boy

Frosty is a special bear. LilBub picked him out and put him together at Build-a-Bear workshop as a special gift from his Aunt Guh-guh last year. First his name was "Speed", because LilBub was going through a "Cars" phase, and every toy he had he named "Speed" like Lightning McQueen. But after awhile, that got confusing, having so many things with the same name.


It just so happened that LilBub's favorite song at the time was "Frosty the Snowman", which he requested to be sung to him at bedtime every single night, even though Christmas had long since passed. So when he decided to give the bear a new name, it only made sense to name him "Frosty". When I said, "Oh, like Frosty the Snowbear?" LilBub said, "No. Just plain Frosty." So that was that. Just plain "Frosty" it was, and it stuck.


Frosty isn't the kind of bear that has to tag along all the time. His chief role is that of LilBub's snuggle buddy. Frosty just hangs around in the bed all day, so he's always there waiting when LilBub climbs in each night. And lately, when I go to tuck the little guy in, he says, "Okay Mom, you be Frosty," and hands me the bear. I then proceed to make Frosty talk, telling LilBub how glad he is to see him, asking about his day, and exchanging hugs and cuddles.


When it's time to say bedtime prayers, LilBub says, "You first, Frosty!" Then he grabs hold of Frosty's furry paw and bows his head. Then it's up to me to help Frosty pray. I usually just say something like, "Thank you for LilBub and all of his family, and please bless all the teddy bears everywhere. Amen." Well last night, LilBub decided that he would help Frosty say prayers. He held his paw and bowed his head and said (in his cutest little beary voice), "Deaw Fodder in Heben, pweez bwess LilBub's daddy and mommy and bubby and sissy, and pweez bwess aw de udder beaws in build-a-beaw workshop. And pweez bwing me a new fwend to pway with. Amen." Then LilBub looked up at me and said, "So, you think we could go back to Build-er-Bear and make Frosty a new friend?"


you can call me tennessee said...

that's so cute!

you know - actually, Frosty was his FIRST name... that's the one that he had me type in to the B.A.B. computer. then, his cousin named *his* "bear" lightning, and so frosty's name changed because of that...

PufferfishMommy said...


"So now you know... the rest of the story."


chickadee said...

Thanks! i'm so excited about winning the vacuum. it's the biggest $$ thing i've ever won.

chickadee said...

glad you are ok in arkansas too. it was a scary day.